Scaling to clean gutters, wash second story windows, dust indoor and outdoor light fixtures, trimming trees and engaging in other higher level beautification or maintenance can be risky. Ladders can be among the most hazardous common household devices. While more stable that chair climbing or balancing a top containers, ladders can still be unstable. According to the Consumer Product Safety Commission, across the United States, annually, thousands of people are treated for ladder-related injuries. No one is saying you should stay clear of ladders during your cleaning spree, but we would like to offer some helpful tips to ensure safety.

  • Going to the very top can get you to the bottom very suddenly. Never go above the second step from the top.

  • Even if your ladder is stable, you need to stay stable.  Never reach back or too far to either side.

  • Always try to have a buddy at the base.

  • Never be place a ladder in front of a door, unless it is locked or guarded.

  • Several smaller loads are better than one big one.The more you carry, lift or hoist, the more likely you are to get hurt or fall.

  • Never straddle space between a ladder and any other point.

  • When climbing, maintain three points of contact with the ladder at all times. *Both feet and one hand.

  • Don’t drink and climb. Alcohol can disrupt balance.

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