How much water have you drunk today? Is the water bottle you brought with you to work this morning still half full? If you’re like most people, you probably don’t focus on winter hydration. Why would you? You’re not sweating as much and you don’t feel thirsty. As weird as it sounds, winter hydration is even more important than summer hydration.

The Importance of Staying Hydrated in Winter

Sweat evaporates faster in winter

You know it’s time to replenish your body’s water supply during summer when you feel the puddle of sweat collecting on your car’s seat or see the armpit sweat stains. During winter, your body is still producing sweat, but it’s evaporating at a quicker rate than it does in summer. Keep winter hydration in mind when you’re running errands or exercise by keeping a water bottle near. Just because you don’t see the sweat doesn’t mean your body isn’t producing any.

Winter hydration keeps your weight down

Winter days are short, and the weather is cold. Understandably, you want to go home and warm up on the couch under a blanket instead of warming up at the gym. Staying hydrated in cold weather can help make up for the days you skipped working out. Water helps your body break down fat for energy. If you’ve been feeling hungrier and snacking more than usual, it’s probably your body craving water. Summer will be here soon enough, and winter hydration is the first step in achieving your beach bod.

Extra clothes means no excess water

The extra jacket you threw on before work this morning could be doing more harm than good if you’re not drinking more water. Cold weather dehydration could be a result of the heavy, extra layers of clothes causing your body to work harder without having fluids replaced. A cool drink of water doesn’t sound appealing in the cold weather, so warm it up and let it heat up your insides while aiding in winter hydration.

Fight Dehydration with Las Vegas Urgent Care

If you haven’t been feeling thirsty in winter and you’re starting to experience symptoms of dehydration, visit us at Las Vegas Urgent Care. Check in online using our Quick Pass service and get treated quickly. We’ll even throw in some extra tips for winter hydration!

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