Sunshine and long, school free days means increased opportunity for kids to get hurt.

You remember those long summer days as a kid, right? They meant running bicycling around the neighborhood, splashing at the local swimming pool, baseball and soccer practice until it got dark – not to mention all kinds of mischief. When it comes to summertime, kids are great at keeping themselves busy – and equally great at finding reasons to visit an Urgent Care in Las Vegas. Want to keep kids safe and injury-free this summer? Watch out for the following common summertime injuries:

  1. Drowning: Lakes, rivers, beaches and public and home swimming pools all present injury risks for kids (and adults). When you’ve got your kids close to the water, make sure that you never leave them unsupervised. When you’re at the river or on the lake, be sure that kids always wear life jackets. When swimming at home or at a community pool, check to see that kids have adult supervision or a lifeguard on duty.
  2. Falls: When you take a bunch of kids and throw in bicycles, roller skates, skate boards or other activities, chances are a fall or two will happen. But falls can actually be quite serious, causing broken bones, head injuries or even death. If your child has been hurt by a fall, bring him into an Urgent Care in Las Vegas to make sure all possible injuries are addressed.
  3. Burns: Campfires, fireworks and more time at home mean increased opportunities for burns. Kids cooking their own breakfasts or lunches at home could also risk setting a fire or scalding themselves. Keep smoke detectors in working order and always provide adult supervision when cooking indoors and out.
  4. Car accidents: Summer road trips mean car accidents. Every year, thousands of children are injured in traffic collisions. Make sure kids are strapped into age-appropriate car seats and booster seats and never drive drunk, sleepy or distracted.
  5. Poisoning: Did you know that summertime substances like citronella oil in Tiki torches is actually toxic to children? So are many household cleaners and medications, which kids may get into when they’re bored on long summer days. If you think your child has ingested a toxic substance, call Poison Control immediately.

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Make it a great (and safe) summer! Let us know if you need anything!

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