Fat has gotten a bad wrap in the health industry, but avocados are turning that reputation around. Avocados contain monounsaturated fats along with protein and fiber, so you’ll feel full longer. You don’t want to over-indulge on alligator pears, but before you say avocad-no to these tasty fruits, you’ll want to know the health benefits of avocados.

Health Benefits of Avocados

Nutrition facts

Did you drop your New Year’s weight loss goal because diet foods don’t fill you up? It’s not too late to hop back on your health kick with a new and improved meal plan, including some avocado. Choose foods that contain important nutrients instead of empty calories and carbs that don’t add any value to your body.

Half an avocado is more than enough of your daily intake due to the high fat ratio in the fruit. But, a single serving offers:

  • Vitamin K
  • Folate
  • Vitamin C
  • More potassium than a banana
  • Vitamins B5 and B6
  • Vitamin E
  • A handful of other micronutrients

Avocado benefits for weight loss

The health benefits of avocado include making your weight loss journey a little easier. Since avocado digests slower than other fruits and vegetables, you’ll feel full longer, making you less likely to snack. Weight loss has numerous health benefits, so don’t give up after a few rough weeks of trial and error.

Avocado benefits for skin

Even if you’re not trying to lose weight, everyone could use a healthy glow. Avocado benefits for skin come from the Vitamin E and the fat known as oleic acid. These two nutrients help lock moisture in the layers of your skin.

Avocados also help your body absorb other nutrients. It’s great that your diet is loaded with antioxidants, but your body could be tossing them out before you have time to absorb them. Avocados help the body efficiently use nutrients like antioxidants. This benefits your skin and vision.

How to eat avocado fruit

The health benefits of avocados can only help you if you’re eating them. While guacamole is a relatively healthy and very delicious snack, the chips paired with them could outweigh the benefits.

Trying enjoying avocado these healthy ways:

  • Skip the butter on a piece of whole wheat toast and opt for mashed avocado instead
  • Chop up some avocado in your salad (you might find you don’t even need dressing)
  • Make a rustic salad featuring avocado, tomato, cucumber, and goat cheese
  • Bake in the over with an egg in the center for a protein-packed meal

Feeling Out of Sorts?

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