Do you want to eat more, lose weight, and feel great? It might sound too good to be true, but if you choose the right foods, it’s possible. Enjoying a full tummy while gradually seeing a smaller waistline are just a couple of the health benefits of beans. They come in all different colors, sizes, and flavors, but all have one thing in common—they’re packed with protein.

Spilling the Beans

Beans nutrition facts

Much like some of the other superfoods we’ve written about, beans are overlooked at the grocery store. The nutrition label may deter some away when they see the word “carb” listed with a fairly high number next to it. Here’s the deal with carbs: there are good guys (complex carbs) and bad guys (simple carbs). Beans are on team good guy.

Think of your digestive system as a fireplace. Simple carbs are paper. If you load your fireplace with paper it’s going to burn up in a few minutes leaving you in the cold, right? Complex carbs are sturdy wood logs. If you fill your fireplace with sturdy logs, it’ll take longer to burn through them.

On top of filling you up, other benefits of beans include:

  • Cost: Beans are less expensive than other superfoods, especially dried beans


  • Heart Health: They contain soluble fiber which lowers cholesterol
  • Regulation: Eating more beans promotes regular bowel movements and reduces constipation
  • Weight Loss: Beans are about three percent fat, as long as they’re not cooked with lard
  • Adaptability: They can enhance several recipes or work as substitutes without compromising flavor


Are beans good for weight loss?

Now that you’ve read all the beans nutrition facts, you’re probably wondering: are beans good for weight loss? While the nutritional workup of beans will vary in the types of beans, the simple answer is yes, especially if you’re combining your weight loss program with some exercise. Studies show bean eaters weigh about seven pounds less than non-bean eaters.

When’s the Last Time You’ve Bean to the Doctor?

Even if you’re eating a diet rich in superfoods and are reaping the health benefits of beans, you should still get regular health check-ups at least once a year. Sign up for your appointment online using our QuickPass Service and get checked out at Las Vegas Urgent Care today.

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