The summer heat in Las Vegas is no joke. Temperatures rise to well over 100 degrees. It is important to hydrate frequently. You need to do so more often than usual. The heat will dehydrate you faster, so you need to keep drinking water throughout the entire day. Look of for signs of dehydration and take action quickly to avoid it getting worse. If your dehydration has gotten too bad, seek emergency care in Las Vegas.

Dry mouth

This is typically the first symptom you are going to feel when your body starts becoming dehydrated. This is an indicator that you need to drink water before it gets any worse. Also, try to avoid caffeinated drinks and alcohol on particularly hot days. They will dehydrate your body even more so. Sports drinks with electrolytes will help, but it is always the best choice to drink water for proper hydration.

Muscle cramps

If you are doing physical activity without drinking any water, your muscles will start cramping up. The muscle cramps can become intense pain if you do not hydrate yourself. Physical activity, especially in the Las Vegas heat, will cause your body to sweat profusely. This means that you are losing more water in your body. Water can decrease the chances of getting muscle cramps.

Urine color

The less yellow coloring in your urine, the better. Dark and almost orange colored urine is a sign that you are extremely dehydrated. You need to drink water immediately. Even if your urine is only a slight yellowish color, drink more water. This is an indicator that all the water you drank before is starting to leave your body. You need to constantly be replenishing your body with water.

Feeling faint

Severe dehydration can cause you to feel faint and in serious cases cause you to pass out. This can be dangerous in some situations, such as driving. If you feel even a little woozy or your vision becomes even slightly blurry, you need to start hydrating immediately. Take action before it gets serious enough that emergency personnel are needed.

Heart palpitations

Your heart will start beating in irregular patterns once your body becomes dehydrated. This is a very serious symptom of dehydration. Your body could start going into organ failure, and you could even slip into a coma. When your body is dehydrated, the blood stops circulating properly and not all your organs are receiving the proper supply of blood. If left untreated long enough, dehydration can cause death.

At the first sign of any thirst, drink water immediately. Dehydration can cause severe problems when left ignored. Always keep a water bottle at your desk. Even if you don’t feel thirsty drink water, this will prevent your body from any dehydration. If you or someone you know starts experiencing severe symptoms of dehydration, get to a Las Vegas quick care. They can help stop the progression of the dehydration before any serious damage is done to your body. Contact 702.852.2000 for information about emergency services.

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