Illness strikes when you least expect it, like when you’ve finally nailed down a new gym routine. If you’re contemplating working out while sick, there are a few things you need to factor in. Age, fitness level, health history, and symptoms matter more than one might think. Depending on the person, looking for a walk…


Cupid’s arrow isn’t the only thing that could catch you off guard this February. Germs are lurking close by waiting for a chance to attack. Much like love, they strike when least expected. Take some daily tips, from an Urgent Care in Las Vegas, on how to start protecting yourself from germs. With these precautions,…


Let’s be honest, you might have drunk too much soda, skipped the gym, and over-indulged a little too much in 2016. But the new year is among us, which means it’s the time to make a new you. We’ve got some healthy lifestyle changes that could make this next year your healthiest and best one…


How much water have you drunk today? Is the water bottle you brought with you to work this morning still half full? If you’re like most people, you probably don’t focus on winter hydration. Why would you? You’re not sweating as much and you don’t feel thirsty. As weird as it sounds, winter hydration is…

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