When in doubt, “wait it out” is good advice for dating and making large purchases, but not for your health. Surprisingly, some common illnesses could turn into something more serious if you don’t know when to call the doctor. Understand all the facts before making decision about your health.

When to Call the Doctor…

For common health ailments

Thanks to the Internet, everyone believes they’re a doctor. It’s not hard to type your symptoms into Google and get a print out of what’s wrong and how to “treat” it. Some uncomfortable side effects associated with illness could clear up by themselves, but you’re still taking the risk of dropping the ball instead of making the call.

Keep in mind different people will require various amounts of care. For example, with a fever when to call the doctor for adults will differ from how long should a child have a fever before seeing a doctor. Also, if you’re wondering when to call the doctor when pregnant, just do it. Pregnant women and children are most at risk for developing serious diseases from common ailments.

Below are some common syndromes accompanied by uncommon symptoms that tell you when to call the doctor. If you answer “yes” to any of these questions, call the doctor.


  • Have you been sick for more than two weeks without any relief?
  • Have you vomited or kept a temperature?
  • How about your chest, is there pressure or pain?


  • Did you skip your flu shot this year?
  • Have you been having trouble keeping fluids down?
  • Any breathing problems? Chest pain?
  • Take a look at your skin, how’s it looking? Blue?

Stomach Virus

  • Do you have a high fever?
  • Is there blood in your vomit or excrement?
  • Does it hurt to touch your stomach?
  • Have these symptoms persisted for more than two days?


  • Is your mucus appearing discolored?
  • Have you experienced trouble sleeping?
  • Is there any wheezing associated with your breathing?

For common symptoms

When mysterious symptoms manifest, you could think, “The body’s a strange and wonderful place, I’ll just wait it out.” Remember what we said about when in doubt? While some things in life, like traffic and cloudy days, are pains we must endure, your health shouldn’t be tolerated as a part of life.

Think about this: visiting a Las Vegas quick care clinic could take an hour out of your day, tops. But if you wait to get checked out until symptoms get worse, you could take days, weeks, months, or even years of your life. Parents and caregivers are quick to Google how long should a child have a fever before seeing a doctor, but they’re slow on when to call the doctor for adults.

If you’re wondering when to call the doctor for some funky reactions, these are some good rules to follow. Call the doctor if you answer “yes” to any of the below questions:

Weight loss

  • Have you changed your diet? Or have you experienced sudden weight loss?
  • Has your appetite changed or decreased?
  • Has there been any vomiting or extreme nausea?

Bathroom problems

  • Did you recently start visiting the loo more or less often?
  • Is there any blood present in your stool?

Pain and discomfort

  • Is there a strong pain in your chest? Don’t even finish reading the list, call the doctor.
  • Do you have constant pain in your stomach (mild or severe)?
  • Is the pain recurring?


  • Rate your pain, is it more a ten than 5?
  • Do you feel confused or angry?

When in Doubt, Get Checked Out

Now that you know when to call the doctor (yes, even for big, strong adults), are you ready to make your appointment? Use the Las Vegas Urgent Care Quick Pass Service so you can get in and out.

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