venomous animal bites

The world is full of exotic and wild creatures of all shapes and sizes. Out here in the Mojave desert, the likelihood of you running into a venomous animal isn’t very high—but considering that the desert is full of things like rattlesnakes, spiders and scorpions, it is still very much a possibility.  What do you do in the event of venomous animal bites?

Here are some first aid tips for you just in case.

Surviving Venomous Animal Bites

Up to 8,000 people are bitten by venomous snakes each year. Out of that large number, only 1 in 500 of them die. That means that snakebite deaths are usually only about 10 a year. That’s an incredibly low number.

It’s always good to be safe and prepared without having to worry too much about it. When it comes to surviving venomous snake or spider bites, it’s good to remember the following:

  • The color, or appearance of the animal that bit you
  • Seek medical attention ASAP
  • If you have a first aid with you, apply it ASAP
  • Wash the affected area
  • Make sure the victim stays calm throughout the process.
  • DO NOT attempt to catch the animal, as it may strike again
  • Despite what you’ve heard, DO NOT suck out the venom
  • DO NOT apply a tourniquet
  • Make sure to slow the heart rate as much as possible

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Most Venomous Creatures to Watch Out For

Box jellyfish

While you won’t be running into this venomous creature in the Mojave, it’s still good to know all about the most deadly ones. The box jellyfish takes the cake regarding most venomous animal bites or stings. Unfortunately, there is very little chance of surviving an attack from one of these guys.  

Blue-ringed octopus

You may have heard of the blue-ringed octopus when learning about venomous creatures in elementary school. It’s a small octopus with, well, blue rings. That’s its defining detail. If you see this, don’t go near it. Although they’re only the size of a baseball, one drop is enough to kill 26 adult humans.


Now not all scorpions are venomous, but they are prevalent here in the desert. Certain scorpions like the bark scorpion are found in the Mojave and can be quite deadly. Some of the more deadly scorpions include the Deathstalker scorpion, amongst the deadliest scorpions on Earth.

Black widows

You’ve likely heard of these creepy little crawlies: black widows. They are as infamous as they are venomous and one bite from them could be a life or death situation, depending on if you follow the proper procedures. Be aware that they are plentiful in your neighborhood. So Vegas hikers, be safe.

Be Safe Out There!

Las Vegas Urgent Care urges you to play it safe out there in the wilderness. Be sure that you are well equipped to handle venomous animal bites when the time comes.

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