For many people, Thanksgiving gives the chance to spend time with friends and family and enjoy a good meal. With large portions of many different food options, overeating can be a common occurrence this holiday. After your meal, you may begin to feel uneasy or as if something isn’t right with your stomach. Many things can lead to an upset stomach, and if you’re experiencing discomfort this Thanksgiving, stop by your local quick care facility.

Caring for an Upset Stomach this Thanksgiving

Don’t overindulge

We know Thanksgiving dinner means having lots of different options when it comes to food, but that doesn’t mean that you have to overdo it. Eating too much can cause indigestion problems and lead to an upset stomach. Start with smaller portions of food. This will allow you to eat at a reasonable pace. You can always take a second trip for more food if you’re still hungry.

Drink a light carbonated beverage

Sometimes gas can build up after a big meal, which causes some discomfort. Drinking a carbonated beverage can help relieve some gas and ease any pains. Mix a few dashes of bitters with ginger ale. This mixture can help because they contain stomach-settling ingredients, like cinnamon, mint, and ginger.

Take probiotics after a meal

While heavy foods like dairy may not sound too appealing after a heavy meal, having a small amount of yogurt can help ease digestive discomforts. Probiotics are live bacteria that can help boost your immune and digestive systems. Choose a non-fat yogurt if you have a stomach ache.

If you experience extreme pains in your abdomen, this may be a sign of a bigger issue. If your stomach ache doesn’t go away, stop by Las Vegas Urgent Care to receive a full check-up. Sign up using our Quick Pass to schedule a same-day appointment and avoid any wait.

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