Tree changing colors in the fall

Fall in Las Vegas means nice weather, perfect family activities, and of course, the start of cold and flu season. The weather begins to drop and along with the dry air. This can cause many people to fall ill with a cold or flu. This can spread quickly through schools and work and then eventually make its way to your family. Las Vegas Urgent Care has some tips for you to keep healthy this fall season in Las Vegas.

Tips to Staying Healthy in Fall

Maintain Proper Nutrition

In spring and summer, many fruits and produce are at their peak of their season. You have a wide variety of greens and healthy options when it comes to nutrition. In the fall, the selections begin to thin out as many options are no longer in season. This does not mean you can avoid a proper nutrition during the fall and winter months. There is still some produce that peaks during these seasons that you can incorporate into your diet such as broccoli, squash, beets, brussels sprouts and other greens. This can allow a change of pace from your normal foods to try new things.

Get outside and in the Sun

Make sure to bundle up because it can get a little cold, but getting out in the sun instead of staying indoors can greatly improve your mood and allow you to get some vitamin D. It is also important that you get some regular exercise. You can go on walks or if the weather is too cold, take your workout indoors.

Get Your Flu Shot

One way to avoid getting sick this season is to get your flu shot at your local urgent care facility. This will protect you from others who are currently sick and can help keep you and your family healthy this fall season. You should also wash your hands regularly and clean off surfaces that are constantly being touched to avoid the spread of germs and bacteria.

Schedule your flu shot today with Las Vegas Urgent Care using our quick pass and avoid any long wait times.

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