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Living in a high desert, insects and other animals can make their way into houses and cause issues for many families. Especially if you have younger children in the house, the threat of stings and bites can be something of a concern for many parents. As the temperature drops and rises with the changing of the seasons, insects can make their way into homes looking for shelter from the elements.

Preventing Insect Bites

Keep the House Clean

Insects and other animals can hide away in cluttered areas around the house. Keeping things organized and regularly cleaning your house can help you avoid encounters from six-legged critters. Removing all standing waters in and around your house can help cut down the risk of insects from entering into your home.

Wear Shoes When Going Outside

Whenever you travel outside, even for a brief amount of time, always make sure you are wearing shoes and cover any exposed areas. This will help prevent you from stepping in any infested areas getting stung by insects.

Look for Signs of Allergic Reactions

One of the biggest worries when it comes to insect bites are allergic reactions. Anaphylaxis can occur when yourself or a child has a severe allergic reaction to an insect bite. This can be a life-threatening issue, and you should seek immediate medical help if your child shows symptoms of difficult breathing, dizziness, chest tightening, itching and swelling. These symptoms can present itself within seconds of the bite.

If you or your child has experienced an insect bite or sting, stop by the Las Vegas Urgent Care today.

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