Even in a small, privately owned Urgent Care facility Family Medicine and some trauma-related medicine can be practiced. Several Emergency Room professionals may work in emergency rooms before switching to Urgent Care.

Urgent Care facilities could be utilized for anything a patient would see in a primary care physician office for. In addition to primary care assistance minor trauma and lacerations may also be seen to. Waiting times are usually less and the cost to patients or insurance carriers is significantly lower than emergency room care. Urgent Care should not be used to entirely replace a patient’s primary care physician.  An urgent care also cannot offer the degree of comprehensive care of an emergency room. Anyone who thinks they are having a heart attack, stroke, or might be ill enough to be admitted to the hospital should go directly to the emergency room. However, minor injuries and illnesses must be put to the back of the line due to the severity of more emergent cases that come into the emergency room.These are the conditions where Urgent Care comes in handy to lessen the load of the emergency room and to provide timely and appropriate care to patients.

Most cuts, sprains and strains can easily be treated at Urgent Care facilities, as well as any illness that would cause a patient to schedule a visit with a primary care physician. With regard to injuries, those which are often sustained in minor automobile or household accidents, or while working out or playing sports can generally be assessed at an Urgent Care center. If a broken bone is suspected, most Urgent Care facilities can diagnose and stabilize the injury and provide a referral to an orthopedic specialist. If the patient is uncertain as to whether an injury falls into this category, use best judgement. Pain level is often a good indicator.


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