While many concerns can be met by urgent care staff and everyone’s health is priority, there are some things that can be seen to before ever having to step into an urgent care location.

Urgent care locations have a registration process that is designed to obtain all the information needed to identify the patient. Having forms and information at hand can help staff to locate previous medical records. This will help to direct medical care in an effective manner. Urgent care paperwork is made as simple as possible, while still making it possible to gain as much information on a patient as possible.

It is highly possible that several patients may arrive in the urgent care location at the same time. When this happens urgent care staff does need to decide which patients are the sickest and in need of the most urgent attention. It would be wonderful to be able to take care of everyone who entered into an urgent care location immediately, but that is not always possible. Patient care and safety, however, is always the first priority though, so patience and clarity when describing issues is paramount. When urgent care facilities are crowded, the sickest must be treated first. If a patient entering the location is not among the “sickest,” please know that staff are monitoring everyone’s condition, and will get to each patient’s needs as soon as possible.

Experienced staff specialize in urgent care. Many of the staff have been working in the urgent care for most of their careers. Each day staff is committing themselves to caring for sick and injured people. They are specializing in rapid assessment, prompt treatment, and communicating with physicians, technicians and other staff. This is all to make sure each patient receives the care they need. Even though the urgent care is frequently a hectic atmosphere, staff continue to perform their most important duties:

  • Keeping patients safe

  • Keeping doctors informed

  • Administering medications

  • Smiling and being friendly and supportive

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