Getting a sports physical is extremely important for kids in school. You may appear that you are in tip top shape, but a sports physical will determine if your body can endure the pain and physical requirements that participating in a school sport can cause. Being a member of a school sport’s team means that you will be practice and playing in games for at least three months. This is about the length of the school sport seasons. However, some sports have you practice months before the season begins. Here in Las Vegas, practicing under the grueling sun can be dangerous for your health.

During a sports physical, doctors are going to look for a variety things to ensure that your body can tolerate the stress that playing a sport can put it through. They are going to examine your lungs, heart, blood pressure, flexibility, and eyesight. All of these aspects to your health need to be working properly so if you do get hurt while playing a sport, your body shouldn’t be too badly affected by it.

First a doctor is going to checking your breathing. Sports involving a lot of physical activity, like running. If you suffer from severe asthma, it may not be a good idea for you to play a sport that has you running a lot. Depending on the severity of your asthma your doctor may still allow you to play a sport, so long as you keep up with your asthma medication.

If your family has a history of heart problems, your doctor needs to listen to your heart to ensure that you are currently not suffering from a heart problem. Mild heart problems could be exacerbated by a lot of physical activity.

Your eyesight is very important when playing a sport, especially something like tennis or baseball. If you have a tennis ball coming at your head very fast, you need to be able to see it coming so you can get out of the way. If you get hit in the head with a tennis ball, you could experience a concussion. Having good eyesight can prevent you from getting a lot of serious injuries in a sport.

Sports physicals are not just done for school kids. Professional have to get sports physicals even more often. For professionals, doctors check them out in even more detail because the sport they are playing takes a lot more strength and physical capabilities.

If you or your child is in need of a sports physical, contact a Las Vegas Urgent Care Clinic. The medical professionals will be thorough with your child’s physical and ask all the appropriate questions to ensure the child is in good health for playing a sport. The Las Vegas Urgent Care is open six days a week, so it shouldn’t be hard to fit it into your busy schedule. Right now the Urgent Care is offering a special. If you are receiving your sports physical for a school team, you can get it done for only $15. For more information, contact 702.852.2000.

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