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Children can have accidents—it’s often a big part of growing up and learning how to survive in this world. At Las Vegas Urgent Care, we are here to help you take care of your child when those issues occur, and to prevent a needed trip to an urgent care center. Learn how your local urgent care center can support your family when accidents or injuries arise.

Caring for Your Children at Urgent Care Centers

Las Vegas Urgent Care is here for your family when your primary physician can’t be. It’s important to know situations that require an Emergency Room to offer extensive treatment for serious conditions. But if your child has suffered broken bones or is in the need of stitches, urgent care is a great option.

If you’re reading this, we know that your children are the most important people to you. It is your mission to keep them safe and healthy. But it’s often inevitable that kids can get sick or hurt.

Prepare for urgent care when your child is healthy

When your child is sick or fell and broke a bone, you may wonder what to do. Here are some tips to help you prepare in the event that urgent care is needed:

  • Be aware of your pediatrician’s office hours: It’s easy to assume that your pediatrician only works on weekdays from 9am-5pm. But this may not be true. Certain pediatric specialists in primary care may have evening and weekend hours. If your pediatrician has this option available, it is absolutely the best place to go.
  • Find a facility with a doctor who specializes in pediatrics: When you go to an urgent-care center, you will likely find family practice or emergency room specialists. These people will be qualified to help in an emergency. It’s wise to always ask what services are provided and if there are any restrictions on age of patients.
  • Inquire if the center offers X-rays and on-site labs: Not all urgent-care centers can do urine tests, blood tests, or X-rays in-house. Some convenient-care clinics are in drugstores and do not perform any tests other than a few screenings.
  • Research all costs and fees: Urgent care is not the same as emergency-room care. Most insurance plans have a co-pay for urgent care that is less than an emergency room. Check with your insurance company to find out the exact cost.

The goal is to find the best care possible for your child. We offer that at Las Vegas Urgent care.

What to Do If Your Child Breaks a Bone  

Signs of a broken bone

Falls are common for children, but not every fall will result in a broken bone or fracture. Signs to look out for a fracture include pain, swelling in the area, and deformity (a bump or misshapen bone). If the break is not displaced, the affected area may not seem deformed and could be harder to tell if a fracture has occurred.

Seeking out immediate care

If the break is not severe, try to stabilize the injury as soon as possible. Don’t force a limb out of clothing. It is better to cut the clothing around the injury than try to maneuver the arm or leg out. Apply a cold pack to the affected area to help reduce the pain and swelling until you arrive at your local quick care facility. You can also place something firm along the injured part to help reduce movements.

When to Take Children to Urgent Care

Most parents have experienced a time when a child becomes ill on a weekend. Sometimes it seems as if ailments become markedly worse after the primary care doctor’s office is closed for the day. Parents may find themselves questioning whether waiting until the next business day is a good idea.

Fevers that spike unusually high, ankles twisted and swollen, or when an infant’s crying just won’t stop, many parents opt to use an Urgent Care center instead of waiting for the primary care doctor’s office to open and before heading to the emergency room.

Trust Las Vegas Urgent Care

In the past two decades, Urgent Care facilities have responded to an increased demand for cost-effective, accessible medical care. Parents and caregivers can trust the professional staff. We can advise you about your child’s situation. Visit Las Vegas Urgent Care when you need treatment for your child.

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