As a parent, you’d likely do anything to protect your child. You walk them to school, make sure they zip their coat before leaving the house and keep them safely fastened in their car seat or booster seat. But are you giving your child the protection from illness that he or she needs? If you’re wondering why vaccinations for kids are so important, we’ll tell you!

Vaccinations for Kids: Four Reasons to Do It

  1. It’s safe: Contrary to the rumors you might hear, vaccinations for kids are super safe. Any vaccination available on the market today has gone through strict review by doctors, scientists and healthcare professionals. While no child likes to get a shot, there’s nothing unsafe about a vaccination other than the short-term pain of the needle.
  2. They could save your child’s life: Not only are vaccinations for kids safe, they’re also very effective. Today, your child has the ability to be protected from more diseases than any other generation in history – and that’s something to be thankful for.
  3. They impact everyone: Vaccinations can reduce and even eradicate disease – but only if enough people are vaccinated. Without participation by the majority of the population, disease will continue to spread. Think about it; your kids can’t contract smallpox today because the disease was eliminated due to a vaccine.
  4. They save money: Vaccines are available for many very serious illnesses, which, if contracted, could take years to treat and cure (if a cure is possible). Paying for these treatments can be extremely expensive and give your family a financial burden that was preventable.

Are your kids vaccinated? If not, come see us at Las Vegas Urgent Care. We have the vaccinations your kids need!

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