Have you recently suffered an animal bite? How about a fall where you sprained your ankle? Or, maybe you just have the flu and feel miserable? If you went to a hospital emergency room for these ailments, chances are you’d be dead last to receive care and may end up waiting hours for treatment. That’s why Urgent Care Centers were created. Urgent Care provides a place for patients who require more immediate help for ailments not life threatening.

Usually when we or our loved ones are hurt, we tend to panic and overthink the urgency of the situation. So, what’s an easy way to distinguish between when to visit an ER and an Urgent Care?

An emergency condition is one that may permanently damage the patient or cause their life to be in danger. For example, if they have severe chest pain and/or can’t breathe, large broken bones, especially those that protrude from the skin. Any deep open wounds and heavy bleeding, poisoning, or suicidal thoughts or feelings should also be considered extreme emergencies.

On the other hand, urgent care conditions are less extreme but still need care within the same day, and cannot wait for their primary care doctor. Many conditions may benefit from seeing an urgent care physician, including moderate asthma, falls and sprains, small broken bones like fingers or toes, flu, fever, sore throat and urinary tract infections. If your urgent care physician recommends more extensive care, they will transfer patients to the necessary hospital for more treatment.

At Las Vegas Urgent Care, we pride ourselves on helping patients by offering convenient and fast care. We are able to fill prescriptions, treat illnesses and injuries and conduct physical exams and x-rays. Las Vegas Urgent Care is also conveniently located across the street from Mountain View Hospital should more emergent care be required. For urgent care in Las Vegas, we provide excellent custom service based on your needs at a low cost and wait time. For questions, contact us 702-852-2000.

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