If you are a person who experiences moderate to severe headaches on a fairly regular basis, you may be dealing with a chronic problem. However, the only way you can know that for sure is to head in to an urgent care in Las Vegas to be diagnosed by an experienced doctor.

Thankfully, the process of diagnosing your headaches is not as complicated as it may seem. Learn how you can prepare for your quick care Las Vegas diagnostic appointment.

Prepare for Your Appointment

You can make your diagnosis a quick and simple process if you prepare for it ahead of time. Ask yourself the following questions and take notes. If you are organized with this information, a doctor from the best urgent care Las Vegas NV offers will be able to give you a more accurate diagnosis.

What does the pain feel like?

Does your headache feel sharp and stabby or dull and achy? Is there a burning sensation that tends to come along with the headache? Do you feel pins and needles?

Determine the type of pain you are feeling and then rate it on a 1 to 10 scale based on your experiences with headaches. A headache with a 1 rating is considered very mild, a headache with a 10 rating is considered very severe, and a headache with an 11 rating is considered confusing. Help the doctor by staying within the parameters of this scale. If you want to say that this is the worst headache you’ve ever had, be sure that is true.

When did the pain start?

Detail the time of day and your location when the headache started. It is also helpful if you can remember what you were thinking or feeling right before the headache began. That will help the doctor pinpoint any triggers that could be setting it off.

Where is the pain located?

Where in your head a headache is located tells a doctor a lot about the nature of your headaches. Try to be as clear and concise about the location of the headache. Pain that occurs behind one or both eyes indicates a very different type of headache than one with pain that wraps around your head.

How long has the headache lasted?

Does the headache last only a few minutes? Does it fade after a few hours? Or is there a dull throbbing that lasts all day? Have this information ready to go.

What makes the pain worse or better?

If there are factors that make the pain worse or better, make sure you let your doctor know that as well. The fact that your headache is exacerbated by light or sound will give your doctor more insight into what kind of condition you are suffering from.

Does the pain radiate to other areas?

It is possible for you to feel like the pain of your headache is traveling around your head. If you notice that the pain starts in one place and spreads to a different or additional location, be sure to share that with your doctor.

Are you experiencing any other symptoms that are associated with the pain?

Do your headaches make you nauseous? Do you notice problems with your vision like auras or blind spots? If you pay close attention, you may even notice that you crave a particular food or experience an emotional shift right before the onset of a headache.

A great way you can prepare for any doctor visit about your headaches is to keep a journal about your pain episodes. That way, when it comes time for you to approach a urgent care Las Vegas NV doctor, you aren’t trying to recall details that have faded with time.

Make sure your headaches aren’t a sign of a more serious health condition by visiting Las Vegas Urgent Care. For more information about this urgent care Las Vegas NV residents love, contact 702.852.2000.

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