Whenever you walk out your front door in the mornings, you may notice the temperatures beginning to drop in Las Vegas. As we approach the winter months, we welcome in the holidays, gift shopping season and perhaps the less welcomed cold and flu season.

Waking up with a scratchy throat, achy muscles, and fever is something we are all familiar with, but do you know if you are showing the symptoms of the flu or the cold?

Knowing Cold and Flu Symptoms

Cold and flu symptoms are often thought to be interchangeable, but there are a few distinct differences that can help you determine which one you are undergoing.

Cold Symptoms

Colds typically begin with a sore throat that can last up to a couple of days. It can then be followed or accompanied by congestion or a runny nose and a cough. At first, your runny nose will contain clear watery mucus and then can turn to a darker, thicker consistency. You are most contagious during the first three days of a cold and should stay at home and rest to avoid spreading the illness. If symptoms do not seem to get better after about a week, visit your local quick care facility as this could be the sign of a bacterial infection.

Flu Symptoms

Flu symptoms are similar to cold symptoms but can be more severe. Just like with cold symptoms you can experience a sore throat, congestion and coughing as well as fever, headaches and muscle aches. Depending on the severity of the flu and strain of the illness, you can also experience nausea and diarrhea.

Avoid cold and flu illnesses this season by getting your flu shots at Las Vegas Urgent Care. Schedule a same day appointment using our Quick Pass.

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