We’ve all heard it said before, “Your Health is your wealth”, but just as bank robbers like to steal from banks; the winter season is a thief that likes to rob one of their health. This winter let the staff at LV Urgent Care be the guardians of your wealth, and restorers of your health.



The normal body temperature for all human beings is 98.6°F (37°C), when the exterior temperature falls below 60o degrees Fahrenheit, there are many health issues which can arise that will require Urgent Care, and should not be taken lightly. Here are a summary of the most common health issues that wintery weather can induce.


Frost Bite

Most people know about frost bite because its symptoms are obvious, but frost bite has a little sister which has symptoms that are more subtle in its early stages, and her name is Hypothermia. Infants and Older Adults are especially at risk of Hypothermia even in its early stages and should go to LV Urgent Care immediately. Some early stages of Hypothermia include; numbness, cold skin, emotional indifference, shivering, confusion, and physical imbalance. Hypothermia in its later stages, which is injurious to all ages, has symptoms that include; stiff muscles, coldness all over the body, fatigue, decrease in pulse rate, and even unconsciousness. Regardless of the stage Hypothermia is a robber of health, and individuals should go to LV Urgent Care immediately.


Cold & Flu Season

Cold and Flu are expected during the winter months. The cold air keeps people in the house, office, or indoors in general, and this is where the ‘bugs’ of sickness are germinated. Don’t wait for full blown illness to receive treatment. As soon as the signs of sickness appear, in there robber mask, seek medical treatment. The flu shot can be a preventative measure, and is available at LV Urgent Care.

Sore throat is another winter thief of health. It is caused from going between warm and cold, indoors and outdoors. At LV Urgent Care there is medicine and a Sheriff to lock up this illness.


Other Health Risks

The Cold also increases the risk of Heart Attacks. We all know the heart is not to be played with, if it’s not beating right than all else can fail. Shortness of breath, chest pain, tingling sensations, or any sign of problems in this organ, don’t hesitate, and get immediately to LV Urgent Care. Individual with diabetes must also be cautious during the winter month. In addition, individuals with other diseases such as, Asthma, HIV/ AIDS, and Arthritis must be vigilant in protecting their health all the time, but with extra care during the winter month.

No matter what your ailment, don’t try to be a ‘mall cop’ and save the day from the health robbers, go to the professionals at LV Urgent Care, and receive the professional security that the human body needs to guard your greatest wealth – your Health. Las Vegas Urgent Care exists for one purpose: To serve patients.

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