Get a head start on your paperwork

Las Vegas Urgent Care understands that some patients may appreciate having the opportunity to fill out our patient forms in the comfort of their own homes, where they have the time to complete some of our more detailed sections at their own pace.

Save Time During Your Urgent Care Visit By Pre-Completing Patient Registration.

Whether you are visiting Las Vegas Urgent Care for a physical exam or to receive treatment for an injury, we want to get you in to see a physician quickly, and back to your normal routine as soon as we possibly can. The best way for you to reduce your wait time when visiting our urgent care facility in Las Vegas, Nevada, is to pre-fill out our required patient registration and insurance forms.

Pre-Fill out your paperwork online to save time. When you come into our office these standard forms will be required of you before being seen by a physician.

Contact us today if you have any questions about the patient forms or any of the information covered on them.

Why Are We The Best?

Awarded Top Doctors 2015

Dr. Ralph Carullo and Dr Fauzia Carullo ‘s commitment to clinical excellence has not wavered since Las Vegas Urgent Care ‘s inception


Las Vegas Urgent Care delivers affordable healthcare in Las Vegas and Summerlin area.

We keep our overhead costs down through the following methods:

  • Using electronic health records. No paper bills or dozens of forms. All your information is electronically filed and can be easily transferred if you need a referral to a specialist.
  • Digital Imaging.  If you need an x-ray, you get one right away. Since the images are digital, they are stored with your health records.  No chasing around films taken by a different vendor.
  • Physician Owner. Care provided by physician owner offers many benefits that you won’t find in a multi-center model. If you are looking for a higher level of service from your physician, perhaps a Las Vegas Urgent Care is right for you.

Single Location Focusing on Quality

Las Vegas Urgent Care provides quality and effective health care to all patients. We will always offer personalized service that will meet and exceed the patient’s expectations.


Living in Las Vegas is complicated enough! However, with our conveniently located facility in Summerlin, getting the quality healthcare that you and your family deserve has never been simpler.

Las Vegas Urgent Care is your one stop Medical Clinic for every non-life threatening issue. Why wait for hours at an ER for sub-standard service? Walk in today and be seen almost immediately by one of our courteous, board certified Medical Doctors. We can handle almost any situation, from minor medical emergencies to more serious, long-term conditions.

Patient Centered

Las Vegas Urgent Care emphasizes a holistic physician-led approach that addresses chronic conditions and prevention. We stress the partnership between patients and their personal doctor and the coordination of patient care with any physician or facility that the patient interacts with.