At Las Vegas Urgent Care, we are passionate and committed to giving you the quality care you deserve at all of our locations. We offer a range of urgent care services for your family. Learn more about some of the common urgent care conditions we treat at Las Vegas Urgent Care.

When to Go to Urgent Care: Symptoms and Conditions We Treat

Common cold

We call it the “common cold” for a reason—with the change of weather during seasons, adults will experience at least two to three colds a year. Children who are exposed to the virus and contagious environments at school may experience the symptoms more.

Colds may be confused with the flu. We want to make sure you know the difference.

Urinary tract infections

Urinary tract infections (UTIs) are pretty common. This happens when bacteria enter part of the urinary tract. Typically results in a bladder infection. A UTI will often require antibiotic treatment.


Allergies can occur when your immune system reacts defensively, specifically towards any substance that is harmful to your body. You have an efficient immune system that acts as a filter and will fight those hurtful things to your body.


Headaches are very common, and when the pain comes, it may be unbearable. It will also affect different parts of your head or both sides. You may want to visit an urgent care center if you’re experiencing sharp, pulsating pain.

It’s recommended you visit the ER if you experienced hard blows to the head or headaches accompanied by confusion or loss of consciousness.


A fever may cause alarm, but it is not the worst thing. When you or your child starts to feel your body temperature rise, it’s fighting off infection. When the fever is high, seek medical attention at urgent care. Read More

Nausea and vomiting

Nausea occurs when you feel mild to severe discomfort in your stomach. It will often lead to vomiting. Nausea and vomiting are very common and can be treated at urgent care. Read More

Other conditions

There are many other conditions that we treat at Las Vegas Urgent Care. From strep throat, bug bites, pink eye, and other infections, we can help.  

Common Conditions We Treat

Las Vegas Urgent Care clinics treat a variety of injuries and illness. We are here to help you with the conditions you are experiencing. Come to Las Vegas Urgent Care to receive the quality care you deserve today!