Thermometer and fever treatmentOne of the most common first signs of sickness is a fever. Kids get sent home for fever and adults can get sent home from work for a fever. When you have a fever lasting longer than 24 hours, you need to seek fever treatment immediately. Finding the cause of your fever is the first step to curing it completely; and what better way to do that than visiting an urgent care?

Fever Treatment  

Fevers are the first sign of sickness but also the first form of defense for your immune system. Fevers are the result of your body fighting infection. A fever’s symptoms include:

  • Sweating and Chills
  • Headache
  • Rashes
  • Sore muscles
  • No appetite
  • Feeling weak
  • Restlessness

When you’re feeling these symptoms here are some actions you can take to treat a fever.

Drinking water

Water is the best way to cool down your body and keep the body hydrated. Not only are you helping your body cool down, but hydration will also help your body deal with what is causing the infection.

Eat light foods

Because a fever can sometimes cause nausea, eating light foods is a great option. Not only are you giving your body nutriment to fight infection, but you’re also making sure it won’t upset your tummy.

Take pain relievers

When your fever reaches above 102 F (or 38.9 C) you’ll want to be sure to take ibuprofen, naproxen, acetaminophen or aspirin to help relieve your temperature and your body aches. Aspirin will work for adults, however, it’s not recommended for children or teenagers.

Take a bath

A bath can cool you down, however, it’s not recommended to take a cold or cool bath. A slightly warm bath is all you will need. You can also use cool compresses on the forehead and wrist to help regulate your body temperature.


The most important step to fighting a fever is rest. Resting allows your body to use all the energy it needs to fight infection rather than do your daily life routine.

When You Need to Visit Urgent Care

A fever is just a side effect of the body fighting infection. It doesn’t always have to be treated right away however if it gets high enough it may have to. Here are some signs that your fever may have gotten out of control.

Infants and Toddlers

  • If a newborn ages 0 to 3 months is experiencing a temperature of 100.4 F or higher when taken rectally, you will want to call the doctor right away.
  • When an infant is 3 to 6 months old and experiencing a fever a rectal temperature of 102 F you’ll want to make they drink plenty of fluids and rest. Only call a doctor is they are acting lethargic or uncomfortable. If their temperature reaches above 102 F, or their fever is accompanied by lethargy or irritability, call a doctor right away.
  • When a toddler is 6 months to 2 years old you can give them a fever reducer, such as acetaminophen (Tylenol), to help with a temperature above 102 F. If the fever persists, give your child’s doctor a call for proper medical care.


When a child (2 to 17 years old) has a fever under 102 F, we encourage rest and plenty of fluids. However, you do not need to medicate until their temperature has reached above 102 F. They may take acetaminophen or ibuprofen (Advil, Motrin). Read the label carefully to give the proper dose and call a doctor if they do not respond to the medication.


If you are 18 years of age or older, you can take acetaminophen, ibuprofen or aspirin to deal with a fever above 102 F. If the fever also includes one of the following call a doctor right away:

  • Severe Headaches or stiff neck
  • Shortness of breath
  • Loss of consciousness or confusion
  • Swelling or inflammation of any part of the body
  • Pain when urinating

Get the Fever Treatment You Need at Las Vegas Urgent Care

Urgent Care is ready to provide help for fevers that have lasted longer than they need too. Our staff is well versed in what sorts of infections cause fevers and what serious side effects with fever may be caused by. If your fever has lasted too long or has unusual side effects, give us a call today and we’ll get you into our office and feeling better as soon as possible.