Man who needs vomiting treatment

You start to sweat and get very dizzy. You begin to feel nauseous, and then the vomiting comes. You need vomiting treatment, so calling your doctor becomes an option. But it would be difficult for your doctor to give a diagnosis over the phone. But your symptoms provide potential remedies, and whether or not you need to visit urgent care.  

Nausea and Vomiting Treatment  

When you are vomiting, it could be a harmless symptom of either an infection or another stomach issue. Below are some common stomach and vomiting treatment.  

Drink clear liquid

As much as you may want to cover the vomit taste from your mouth with a soda or juice, the best recommendation would be to stay with water. You do not want to add any other ingredients that could further upset your stomach.

Avoid solid food

Again, as you are vomiting, you will start to feel empty. You will be tempted to replenish with some solid food. But trying to refill your stomach while it’s still rejecting solids and liquids, you are going to want to wait until the vomiting subsides.   

Get extra rest

What you can do to help when you are feeling sluggish and fatigued, is get some rest! This will help when you have nausea vomiting.

These are things you can do at home to help, but if vomiting continues, you may need to seek medical help.

When You Need to Visit Urgent Care

When you cannot control the vomiting, and it persists for longer than 4-5 hours, you will want to go to urgent care. This also means that they are unable to hold down any clear fluids. Doctors will be able to help with medication and fluids.  

Vomiting Blood

Even if the amount of blood is minimal, when this happens, it is severe. When it is just a little bit, this may be a sign of an even bigger medical issue that needs to be addressed.


When you have a fever, doctors will assume that there is an infection. Other illnesses can bring on high temperatures in your body and fevers are less likely associated with stomach issues like acid reflux, ulcer disease or other bowel problems. If you are experiencing extreme symptoms, if you do not have a fever, still see medical help.  

Experiencing Diarrhea

Especially if diarrhea has any blood. You should This could be due to food poisoning, which will typically last about 24 hours on average.

Las Vegas Urgent Care Provides the Vomiting Treatment You Need

Urgent Care services provide knowledgeable and caring vomiting treatment. We will be able to review all your symptoms and give medication to help. Las Vegas Urgent Care has the advice you need. When you are experiencing severe vomiting, come to Las Vegas Urgent Care.