An x-ray can be vital in diagnosing a patient. When you visit Las Vegas Urgent Care for accidents and injuries or other ailments, we utilize the best X-ray technology to determine the treatment you need. Call ahead or use our Quick Pass to get skip the line!

What to Expect from X-Rays in Las Vegas

When you visit our urgent care center, we need to determine that an X-ray is necessary. We will also learn about your medical history. During this process, we will also find out if you possess any sort of internal device that would affect the x-ray that is being taken.


Maintaining good health is our number one concern; to do so, we want to make sure our knowledge of your medical history is accurate. Make sure to keep us updated with any changes in your medication as well as any recent or long term medical history that may be relevant to your current ailment. Our staff is able to use less radiation with a quick turnaround process of the images. Using our equipment we will be able to get a clear and safe image the first time, our x-rays can be used to detect and diagnose broken bones to certain lung conditions like pneumonia or certain abdominal conditions such as bowel obstruction. 

Benefits of X-ray

There are many reasons why an X-ray is necessary when diagnosing a patient creating an array of benefits to these exams. By receiving an X-ray, your doctor can:


  • Determine whether surgery is necessary
  • Reduce the need for exploratory surgeries 
  • Reduce the length of hospitalizations 
  • Improve patient placement in terms of appropriate areas of care 
  • Determine the best treatment for common conditions 

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